Everyone has an email address these days.  However many people still relay on there internet provider for an email address or an @ hotmail.com address.

Break away from the @bigpond.com or @hotmail.com address and get your own custom domain name.  They are quite cheap and give a much more professional look.

TranTech Computers offers domain name registration, email hosting.

Once you purchase a domain name and email hosting, individualized staff email address can be setup Eg. david@yourbusiness.com.au

Different systems

There are two major options when setting up your own email account, POP email and Microsoft Exchange.

POP Hosted Emails

POP supports simple download and delete mailboxes. A POP email account can be set up on a number of devices receive and send emails however does not offer any synchronisation. Basically this means that if you send an email on your phone it will not show up on your computers sent item. The same is true if you send an email on your computer it will not be in your phone’s sent items. POP email also means you can not share calendars with your co workers.


Microsoft Exchange Hosted EmailsPhone

Using a Microsoft Exchange solution means all email / contacts and calendar information is available on all devices. So an email which you send on your phone will be in the sent items on your computer or tablet. Microsoft Exchange can also synchronize Calendars, Contacts and has a server side email backup solution.  TranTech can offer exchange hosted online for as little as $15 per user a month.

If you are a larger business then hosting your own exchange server means you can have as many email addresses as you would like, with little ongoing costs, and full control over the email server.