Big business IT solutions


From our web to yours – we’ll fix it

There’s only one thing worse than a slow work day…. that’s a slow network day. Big businesses are a web of interconnectivity (pun intended). All it takes is a tiny bug and the whole ecosystem is compromised. Loss of productivity, delays and passive aggressive sighing at the coffee machine because the file won’t upload – or download – are all too common when the network goes down.


We know you can’t bring all 500 of your business computers into our office (you could try…), so we’ll come out to you. Our TranTech experts provide fast, reliable, efficient service, to have you back up and running like the trailblazing, world-dominating, there’s-no-stopping-us-now business empire that you are.


“The team at TranTech Computers have fantastic customer service and are willing to do whatever they can to solve your computer problem. We were having issues retrieving data – they looked over it immediately and fixed the problem on the spot. Thanks David and team!”

Anna H