TranTech Warranty & Returns Policy

All warranty claims must be accompanied by the original invoice or else the warranty will be void.

Products returned to us under warranty that are tested and found to be without fault may be charged a labour fee of $50 at the discretion of the company.

System Warranty

All systems built by TranTech Computers come with 2 Year parts ‘Return to Base’ warranty, and is not applicable for Onsite Service. TranTech Computers does not offer onsite Labour warranty, we are happy to attended site and pick up the faulty machine, however this will be charged at our standard rates. TranTech will void the warranty if the seal been tampered with and does not apply to customer-assembled systems.

Warranty will automatically void if the system has been overclocked.

Parts Warranty

TranTech Computers offers a period of 12 months return to base warranty for all parts purchased. Software requiring a product key or an activation key cannot be refunded or exchanged once it has been opened or registered.

Any Physical damage will automatically void all warranty

Warranty Exclusion

Warranty service is hardware only and does not include virus removal, spyware, or software of any kind,

TranTech Computers will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to property, loss of income or earnings by, or complications or costs arising from a failure of any of our products.

Any product that has not been installed in accordance with the installation instructions supplied by the equipment manufacturer will not be covered by warranty.

Any product that is repaired or altered by anyone other than TranTech Computers, or where products are disassembled or repaired in such a manner that operation is affected – will not be covered by warranty.

Reasons why TranTech Computers may not covered your product under warranty.

  • Software related issues

  • Improper storage or connection

  • Operation under abnormal conditions

  • Misuse, neglect, abuse, accident

  • Power surge

  • Short-circuiting the equipment will be considered misuse

  • Defects or damage due to spills of liquid or other substances (i.e. dust, cigarette/s)

  • Excessive temperature or humidity and environmental conditions

  • Surface damage or scratches to plastic surfaces and external parts damaged due to normal customer use

Freight and handling costs are to be covered solely by the purchaser with the exception of DOA (Dead on Arrival) products