So many small businesses are fighting a battle with email on a daily basis. Emails are arguable as important as a phone line.  However, so many places are running the most basic of emails systems. A short chat to TranTech can help this in a huge way.

Let’s take this example. Bob receives an email. It comes to his computer, his smart phone and his laptop.  This is great Bob can read emails from heaps of different places. Bob’s problem however is he has to read the same email on his phone then his computer then his laptop. And if he sends an email from his phone he can’t see it on his computer or his laptop and visa via.

Here is the solution.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange – This is a part of Office 365.

By changing your email over to this system

Bob can now read emails on one device and the action happens on all devices, full synchronisation.

If Bob sends and email on his phone he can see it in the sent items on all his order devices.

Bob’s emails have an online backup if a nasty virus or the computer was to fail.

Bob can now share calendars and let other staff add appointments if required.

Bob’s contacts are now on all devices.

These are just a few of the reasons to check out Microsoft Hosted Exchange












Ask your local TranTech IT staff member on how you can upgrade today.