Full Credit to > http://blog.powerbiz.net.au/office-365/installing-office365-proplus-on-a-rds-server-terminal-server-using-shared-computer-activation/


We have made changes which have worked for us.


Here is a walkthrough on how to implement this.

  1. Download the Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run here –http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36778


  2. Run and extract the tool to a folder on your RDS.

  1. Edit and configure the configuration XML file as follows: (please see the comments below regarding copying and pasting this to a Notepad program)

    <Add SourcePath=c:\Share\ OfficeClientEdition=32 >
    <Product ID=O365ProPlusRetail>
    <Language ID=en-us />
    <Display Level=None AcceptEULA=True />
    <Property Name=SharedComputerLicensing Value=1 />


    **NOTE: Edit and configure the c:\Share\  path . MAKE SURE the Copy and paste dont add any random ????


  2. From an elevated Command Prompt, run Setup to download the installation files.

    Setup.exe /download configuration.xml

    NOTE:  More than once had to re download the whole file set

    The Office365 ProPlus installation files will be downloaded to the specified share with the following structure.


  3. From an elevated Command Prompt, run Setup to install Office Click-to-Run.

    Setup.exe /configure configuration.xml

    NOTE: Nothing will appear to be happening just wait for CMD to jump to the next line

    When the installation is complete, the Office 2013 suite will be available for use.


  4. On starting the application, you will be prompted to Activate Office. Click Next and Sign in.


  5. Once signed in, you are ready to go. Office will automatically activate and configure the applications.